What does BCZ do?

BCZ.com, all in one platform, provides the features and services to enhance your business efficiency, productivity, and greater efficiency in online broadcasting.
I have selected a website package, what I need to do next?

Once we confirm the deposit has been made, our personal account manager will identify you and will contact you directly by email or online from the information you provided to generate further instructions.

How long does it take to set up a company's website?

Once the deposit has been made and agreed upon, our designers will begin to design the appropriate artwork / our webpage / designer template will match the identity and brand of the company. Within a few days, our personal account manager will contact you for further action (if need).
Within a week of the payment of the deposit, you will have a web page in place before we can find the perfect design for your web page. Generally, we will look for interesting content that your website can use for your business SEO.

How do you make sure your website's SEO position?

Depending on the complexity of the offline system, it typically costs between $ 200 to US $ 1,500 per module to maintain your system either offline or online. For our existing customers, a testimonial fee will appear, and for each testimonial system, we will set a cost of between US $ 150.

How can you learn more about how to use web pages and how to incorporate data into webpages?

We have comprehensive video tutorials and documents for some of the subjects for extensive service for I.T. You will receive some information by email regarding the more relevant services you have listed with us.

Why are webpage hosted with BCZ.com usually rank higher than others?

We invest a lot in R&D areas consistently and we use our own comprehensive and more efficient security.


The Benefits of BCZ IT Solutions

BCZ.com is all in one platform, delivering a variety of effective features and services that will enhance your business productively, and effectively.
What services do we offer?

We offer the following services and more:

Cloud-based web pages.
Software development.
E-Commerce Technology.
Car software.

How do you help in our business?

With deep technical knowledge and extensive experience, we will control the success of the systems we have implemented.

Why do you need to collaborate with us?

5 easy steps for you to get to your company’s website.

  1. Fill out the contract form and make a deposit payment for startup.
  2. Once payment has been made, our Executive Accountant will contact you for materials such as (brochures / company information etc) for site development work.
  3. Once the website is complete, a password will be provided to protect your site and also make it easier for you to monitor your site if necessary.
  4. Once the last payment has been completed, the password will be removed and you will have your legal web site online.
  5. Only certain employees will be allowed to access your site through the password provided for your own site customization
What advantages do you have if you choose us?
  1. More efficient search engine.
  2. Secure Patent Securities.
  3. Personalized and user friendly.
  4. Higher scale.
  5. Available car software.
  6. Manage cloud solutions.
  7. The global CDN framework.
  8. High web page performance.
  9. Expanding and working in modules.
BCZ IT Solutions Sdn Bhd is an Enterprise I.T. Solutions Provider specializing in Website Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Big Data Management, Cloud Technology and Web Scale Technology Distribution Technology.
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Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.
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Can take great key performance indicators offline to maximize long tail.
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