Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

December 30, 2019by zheltoemore0

What does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) do for you?

SEO has come a long way and has grown a lot over the last few weeks! Google’s search algorithm is constantly changing, as if focusing on searches based on geography or location.

We all know SEO rankings while focusing on over 200+ ranking factors. What drives the position is more relevant to consistent updates to the latest Google search algorithm improvements.

Owning 500,000 websites and playing around with different factors that influence search results performance, I know it is a never-ending cycle to beat your competitors. This field is too specific and is starting to become a very broad topic of argument trying to make it a viable optimization for future major SEO algorithm updates.

I’ve realized that SEO will be more competitive in the coming weeks. There are many other factors that will play a role in how the industry in general deals on the quality of SEO in the market.

Believe it or not, some industries pay more for search rankings, so they are more competitive and harder than other industry promoters. However, with perseverance, constant innovation, improving SEO knowledge, paying a lot of tuition, getting ready to do and going further towards getting better search results (or just hiring us), things in the long run.

Fortunately for newcomers, it also doesn’t seem that hard to beat old people in the industry. It used to be longer the existence of existing domain names, the higher their rankings. However, other factors are also being contested so Google is really doing a good job of trying out even new playing fields for newcomers into the game. Good luck with your search rankings!

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